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2 Nov To use the AccountManager plugin, while logged in as a user with TRAC_ADMIN rights, use the "Admin" link on the menubar. You might want to change some permission assignments. For instance, if you remove TICKET_MODIFY and WIKI_MODIFY permission from the "anonymous" group and add it to the. New User Registration. Involved Modules. In the newest version the following modules have been moved from web_ui to their own place called register and the. AccountManager. Package: acct_mgr. api. This holds core code of this plugin. This component must be enabled to use any of the other components. Additionally.

ProjectStats: Wiki macro listing some generic Trac statistics. This macro accepts a comma-separated list of keyed parameters, in the form "key= value". Valid keys. your password? Hacks · Browse Source · Blog · View Tickets · New Ticket · Tags · Timeline · Search · wiki: CookBook/ AccountManagerPluginConfiguration. cordova-android-accountmanager. Introduction. cordova-android- accountmanager is an Android AccountManager plugin for cordova-android. It currently only supports explicit account handling (programatically adding/ removing/settin/getting account details to the AccountManager).

Account Manager cordova plugin for android and keychain for iOS. Background: 1.) I installed Trac using the WebFaction console, with the "Trac ( ) Subversion" setting. 2.) I installed TracAccountManagerpyegg in the plugins directory. 3.) I created ss file that looked like this, and put it in the root directory: Satisfy Any Allow from all. Hi, Trying to install the Account Manager plugin in my Trac installation, I issue this command line: PYTHONPATH=/home/mnc/webapps/mobiletrac/lib/python easy_install per the instructions here:


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