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Fsx real crash effects

But I was wondering, is there anything that can do the same for FSX if so, could you tell me (Freeware please)? Cause I'm dying for some realistic crashes/action instead of it restarting the flight after it goes "Crash!" Thanks, GGIPilot Default. Changing the zero to a 1 doesn't add any realistic crash effects. 10 Mar Such as real flap damage or damaged landing gear. #2 FSX has visual effects of crashing into the ground that can be activated for each aircraft's liveries. To do so requires You can try out FSPassengers which includes realistic failures and enables stuff like belly landings and ditching into the simulator. FS/4 is very outdated now in comparison to FSX so they can look pretty average when you compare them. Thankfully, this mod goes a long way to adding some far more realistic effects to the simulator so that, if you suffer the worst fate, you will have no problem in making it work for you at least in a visual capacity.

I don't know if anyone else mentioned this but it would be nice for once to see realistic visual damage in Flight Simulator. You can add lots more effects with a couple of addons and also adding a line to the aircraft CFG "visual_damage=1"I agree that more realism is needed if you do happen to crash. Ive set up my FSX to Full Realism including Stress Damage and Crash Detect. I do see obvious differences in torque, etc on single engine props but the other effects are only as good as the flight model Im guessing? . No need to setup FSX with full realism when it isn't very realistic in the first place. Perhaps it's a sad reflection on modern gaming priorities that FSX only models the visual aspect of wet or snowy/icy runway conditions. It might look good, but that's all. The effect on tyre grip isn't modeled. The FSX pilot can land in any weather and know that he can stop his aircraft in the normal distance. Real-world pilots.

[–]DesparotoPPL 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). Its possible yes . but they are very rare. I use to have a freeware C that had it. I cant find the download for it anymore so im assuming its not available sadly. but it had realistic crash effects. I remember taking the wing off on a landing gone.


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