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Jay park i love you english version

Paroles: Paroles - Jay Park: I Love You (English Version). Girl where are you Cuz I wanna be wherever you are I try to call you But they won't connect me. I Love You Lyrics: Eodie inneunji / Chigeum ne yeope nan itko shipeunde / Jeonhwahreul keo-reobwahdo / Ne moksoriga teulliji anha / Niga itdeon goseseo maeil / Neol chajabwahdo / Your gone / Ijen al. Feb 18, Tags: asia, ballad, color coded, dance, dok2, drama, dynamic duo, Electronica, eng, english, 다이나믹 듀오, 가사, 가사 및 번역, 박재범, 박재범 (Jay Park), 번역, han, hangul, hip hop, i love you, I Love You (Feat. Dynamic Duo), 싸이더스HQ, jay park, kor, korea, korean, kpop, lyrics, music, new breed, pop, rap.

Paroles Girlfriend - English Version par Jay Park lyrics. It's only adequate. Maybe then you can have my kids. So my fantasy's accurate. Baby we in the ocean of love. You've sunk my battleship. You a million bucks better than wealth. And I really hope I'm ain't getting ahead of myself. But will you be mine. No valentines. Translation Where are you? I want to be next to you right now I call you but I can't hear your voice Though I look for you every day in the place you once were, you' re gone Now I think I know, there's only one way to go to you Girl all I had to say was I love you - though you're not next to me, I want to tell you I love you, though I . i remember the day, when you said to me, baby i'm sorry but right now that i just got to leave then i remember it seeing you turn your back seeing you turn your back your lovely lovely back boy. how could you do me like that you were my world you were my other half you took my love and flushed it right down the drain.

Jay Park Lyrics. sort by album sort by song. EP: "Take A Deeper Look" (). Touch The Sky · Abandoned · 오늘밤 (Tonight) · 너 없이 안돼 (I Can't Be Without You) · Don't Let Go · Level · Bestie. album: "New Breed" (). New Breed (Intro) · Know Your Name · Girlfriend · Up And Down · I Love You · Go · I Got Your .


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