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That's where Macworld comes in. We mine the Web, looking for inexpensive software (generally $35 or less) that makes your Mac run better, helps you work more efficiently, and lets your Mac do the little things—and some pretty big ones —you always wished it could do. We call these programs Mac Gems, and we're. May 27, Macworld's latest Superguide focuses on Mac Gems: great, low-cost Mac software. The very best in low-cost Mac software and hardware.

Macworld's Mac Gems Superguide [The Editors at Macworld] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nobody spends more time with Apple computers, and the software you can run on them, than the writers and editors at Macworld. Although OS X is chock-full of useful features. May 30, Read a free sample or buy Mac Gems Superguide by Dan Frakes & Macworld Editors. You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. While most people are aware of the big-name software titles—Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and the like— some of the best Mac software is, like so many precious gems, hidden. Many great products out there don't get the recognition, or even the awareness, that they deserve. And when that happens, Mac users miss.

Macwnrld SUPERGUIDES Mac Gems SUPERGU DE Second 'I Edition Mac Gems Superguide Editor: Dan Frakes President and CEO: Our Favorite Inexpensive Mac Software through text quoted from seven replies ago. QuoteFix also lets. Mac Gems Superguide. to your Mac. These programs do everything from help you organize your files to increase your productivity and customize OS X. Here are some of our favorite affordable, indispensable applications. For even more suggestions, check out our Mac Gems Weblog () or the Mac Gems Superguide. Contributing Editor Ted Landau continues to ferret out new ways to get into and out of trouble with your Mac. His latest book, Take Control of iPhone OS 3 (Take Control Books, , ), ex- MaC TRouBLeshooTinG supeRGuide ALSO FROM THE EDITORS OF MACWORLD Mac GeMs + Software.


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