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Mavericks click nothing happens

When I click "install app" for OS X Mavericks in the App Store, nothing happens. It looks like it's already downloaded, but it doesn't seem to install. Any suggestions as to how I can fix this? More Less. MacBook Pro (inch Early ), Mac OS X (). Posted on Oct 22, PM. Reply I have this question too (24) I. 24 Oct However, now there's no way to get it to download again. When I find OS/X Mavericks in the store, I click on the "Download" link. It asks for my Apple ID which I enter, and it does absolutely nothing. It doesn't begin downloading, and it just still shows the "Download" button. Clicking on it again does nothing. 2. I am trying to install Mavericks on my Macbook Pro running OS When I click on Install App in the App Store, Mavericks doesn't install. Either nothing happens, or a spinner briefly appears at the top and then disappears. An I doing something wrong here? I've never used the App Store before.

The little box will only say "Free" and nothing you do will get it to download. Instead, click on the Mavericks link to bring up the whole splash page describing Mavericks. The (larger) button now should say "Download" and will warn you that you already have Mavericks installed. Clicking on the Download. You might want to have a look at this page: OS X Mavericks installations fails after reboot Anyway I suppose you have OS X installed, right? You could try to create a Mavericks USB installer and to do a clean re-install or an update. Che. 27 Jul If you're at all worried about security you can avoid the Dictation feature, or click on the little privacy button in the pref panel and read about Apple's policies. Personally I think unless you're in the NSA or some other highly secretive organization, there's nothing to worry about with Dictation, Apple is.

When I click on Install App in the App Store, Mavericks doesn't install. Just because you can install as many apps as you like, it doesn't mean you should. Simply nothing happens when we try to remove the product in Windows 7 x64, no prompts or errors. The issue we are having is still unknown but obviously not a bug in. However, when I go into the App Store, I click to sign in and nothing happens. At all. App store opens fine, I can navigate around and doing everything else fine, I go to OSX Mavericks, click "Free Upgrade" button (same as any other download), it goes green and says "Install App". Click again, the computer. I have a Macbook running OSX (Mavericks) and until recently, Google Image search worked fine on Safari, or at least i thought it did. On Firefox and .. Same problem - Mac OS Mavericks Safari Images appear on search, but when you click on them nothing happens. Same issue with.


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