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Methuselah's Children has ratings and reviews. Lyn said: This is classic, well written science down, lean and aggressive, ber. 17 Aug Methuselah's Children was written to be serialised in Astounding, and in co- operation with John Campbell. The Patterson biography quotes one of Campbell's letters to Heinlein about the revision. The book was later revised for book publication, and what I have is the edition of the revision, not. Methuselah's Children is a Speculative Fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein first published as a serial in and expanded into a full novel in It is about a group of naturally long-lived humans who find themselves persecuted by 22nd century society for the (nonexistent) secret of their longevity and are forced to flee on.

10 Dec - min - Uploaded by Livon Sort Methuselah's Children - Robert A. Heinlein. 10 Feb In Methuselah's Children, Robert A. Heinlein is all over the map — the celestial map. The novel starts on Earth, approaches the sun. hightails it to one Earth-like world with human-ish residents and then gets sent off careening through space to a second Earth-like world with a population of beings that seem. Robert A. Heinlein first published Methuselah's Children in a serialized version in the magazine Astounding Science Fiction in July through September He completely rewrote, expanded and republished the novel independently in and collected the longer version in The Past Through Tomorrow (), the.


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