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She flees her captors only to find herself trapped in a world of monsters and madmen who plot the downfall of Earth. The only power that can possible save her and the world is that of the mysterious Mask of Zeguy. Miki must embark on a life-or-death quest for this talisman, with the villains who kidnapped in hot pursuit. Looking for information on the anime Unkai no Meikyuu Zeguy (Mask of Zeguy)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Mysterious warriors appear to blast Miki into another dimension! She flees her captors only to find herself trapped in a world of. "Mask of Zeguy" was originally made as a two-part animated series, although here it is contained on one disc. It features a solid storyline about Miki, a teen- aged descendant of a powerful priestess who is is drawn into the World of the Clouds, a magical realm where she becomes embroiled in a battle to save both it and.

11 May The lead character in the anime adventure Mask of Zeguy is Miki, a girl who finds herself kidnapped and transported to another dimension. Trapped in a world of strange creatures who are working together to end life on Earth, Miki must find the title artifact in order to save humanity. Rating: NR. Genre. Fortunately, three things are necessary to open the Gate of Wind: the Mask of Zeguy, the Bell of Zeguy, and the Priestess of Zeguy, all of which exist in the outside world. Warriors from history past have dedicated themselves to protecting the first two artifacts from falling into the wrong hands. Young Miki and Sayaka, through. In a world that is parallel to ours, a battle between good and evil rages. Himiko, who wants to harness the powers of the gates of the wind in order to rule the universe, is in league with monsters, cyborgs, and other unseemly characters. Himiko wants to capture a teen girl named Miki who is unaware that she is a priestess.

Story Now, before those of you who have seen this already scoff at what might be a high score for the story section, hear me out. Although poorly executed, Mask of Zeguy has one of the more unique plots I've seen in a series, and definitely is an odd mix of technologies and times. In Mask of Zeguy, a legendary mask (guess.


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