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Resume building ppt

RESUME WRITING UTC Career & Student Employment. Making Your Resume Pop. Pop Quiz! What is the initial amount of time an employer takes to review an applicant's resume? Answer: 15 – 20 seconds minimum; 45 seconds maximum. Why do you need a resume? A marketing tool; To obtain an interview, not a. Resume Building. Campus Visit - West Virginia University. Keith Jackman. Schlumberger Recruiter. Why should it be good? Your goal is to get an interview; A resume is a window; It's a brochure about you; The 8 second test; Brevity and readability. The Resume. Heading. Objective. Related Skills. Education. Experience. Resume Writing. The Resume - An important job search tool. PURPOSE OF A RESUME. The Objective of a Resume is to. Get You An Interview! Let's see what we know about resumes. Resume Trivia. A resume is The purpose of a resume is to The length of a resume must be The most important information on my.

22 Oct Resume writing ppt presentation. 1. RESUME WRITINGOpen the Door to Opportunity! 2. Primary Purpose A resume will get you an interview! A resume is a marketing piece that presents you in the best possible light. It's not an application; 3. A well-designed resume does a number of. 6 Feb Resume writing ppt. 1. Open the Door to Opportunity! 2. Resume is summary of your educational qualification details It highlights your skills and experience relevant to the field It highlights your objective and accomplishments Its purpose is to get you an Interview call A resume should reflect more. 19 May What Can a Resume Will Do For You? Makes the first impression about The you. interview Helps organize your thoughts gets you Highlights the relevant facts the job, about you, your education, and your experience. Positions you in the mind of the employer, thus creating a value. The resume Be a.

Resumes. For High School Students. What is a Resume? A resume is a personal summary of your professional history and qualifications. It includes information about: Your career goals; Education; Work . of Career Services at UCF. His PowerPoint on Resume Writing was instrumental in the preparation of the Presentation. Writing an Effective Resume. and Cover Letter. Role of your Resume; Format and Content of Your Resume; Resume Do's and Don'ts; Resume Book/Data Base Inclusion Process; Anatomy of a Cover Letter; Cover Letter Do's and Don'ts. Role of your Resume Sets the direction for your search; Showcases your skills. Some statistical data. Resume writing “dos and don'ts”; Resume of Tracy Q. Graduate -evaluation. What is the number one purpose of resume. To win an interview. Some statistical data. A job often attracts to resumes. One interview is granted for resumes. 10 to 20 seconds is all the time you have to persuade.


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