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Western philosophy is the philosophical thought and work of the Western world. Historically, the term refers to the philosophical thinking of Western culture, beginning with Greek philosophy of the Pre-Socratics such as Thales (c. – c. BC) and Pythagoras (c. BC – c. BC), and eventually covering a large area. Western Philosophy refers to philosophical thinking in the Western or Occidental world, (beginning with Ancient Greece and Rome, extending through central and western Europe and, since Columbus, the Americas) as opposed to Eastern or Oriental philosophies (comprising Indian, Chinese, Persian, Japanese and. Western philosophy, history of Western philosophy from its development among the ancient Greeks to the present. This article has three basic purposes: (1) to provide an overview of the history of philosophy in the West, (2) to relate philosophical ideas and movements to their historical background and to the cultural history.

Very brief introduction to some of the periods and nation currents in Western philosophy and hte names of the individuals associated with them. The thinkers of ancient Greece laid the foundations of what has become Western philosophy. One of the earliest was Xenophanes ( BC) who claimed that human knowledge has the character of belief, in that we cannot 'know' reality. At the personal moral level, there is the question of how best to live one's life. 14 Mar In the western world, philosophy traces its beginnings to the ancient Ionian city of Miletus, the richest city in the ancient Greek world. There, on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean in the sixth century B.C.E., the Greeks began to systematically apply human reason to questions concerning nature and.

Western philosophy was born during the Archaic age of Greece (ca. BC) , when Greek thinkers broke with purely mythological explanations of the world by attempting to explain nature logically. Apparently the first to do so was Thales ( the "father of Western philosophy"), who initiated a search for the fundamental. Western Philosophy is a line of related philosophical thinking, beginning in Ancient Greece, and including the predominant philosophical thinking of Europe and its former colonies up to the present day. The concept of philosophy itself originated in the West, derived from the ancient Greek word philosophia; literally, "the. Explore the works of Plato, Aristotle, Heraclitus and other originators of Western philosophy in an immersive study of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers. 本 课程通过讲述古希腊罗马哲学家丰富的思想和观点,探讨西方哲学精神的起源,揭示 西方民族的精神取向,阐明西方民族思维方式的特征。.


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