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Adblock plus wont firefox download

Adblock plus wont firefox

21 Jul What security software do you have? It is possible that security software (anti- virus, firewall) is causing the problem. Try to disable security software temporarily to see if that makes a difference. Boot the computer in Windows Safe mode with network support to see if that has effect in case security software is. Since installing Firefox 53 Adblock plus has stopped working. 2 replies; have this problem; views; Last reply by NemboKid 10 months ago. NemboKid. Posted 6/3/17, AM. Not completely but quite a few ads are now getting through and page loading slows as a result. I have checked the version of Adblock. 18 Oct Every web page has annoying ads and popups. I have Norton with a clean report. I have updated, reinstalled adblock plus. I have updated Firefox. Nothing works. By default, adblock plus allows "Mysiterules" as enabled and I can not disable it. Every website has popups that will not allow me to view.

4 Aug If you haven't already shut down and restarted Windows, you might try that in case this is a file permissions problem that sometimes occurs after Windows updates. It's possible that an extensions-related settings file has become corrupted. You could try this: Open your current Firefox settings (AKA Firefox. 31 Mar does it work when you download it from mozilla's addons site?: https://addons. yes if the appropriate files in the current profile cannot be written to it looks like it doesn't matter where you download from . creating a new profile isn't that much of a hassle. just close all. 3 Apr I just did a restore point and now add on manager won't load and trying to download ad block plus gives me a message that it is a corrupt file. I looked at the FAQs but they didn't help. I have scrn shots, but don't know how to attach them here. I pasted troubleshooting manually. I did have ad block plus.

13 Oct I previously had Adblock Plus installed, but it stopped working several versions of Firefox (for mac) ago. The add-ons manager/extensions says I have version and it is disabled. When I tried to add the latest version from the get addons page, I first get a dialog asking if I want to install the file; when I. 19 Sep Hello, I installed adblock plus ver on firefox after i installed it, it still work like this and display adblock icon in bottom. But when i close browser and open again, it dosen't work anymore and doesn't display icon. So could you please show me why does it like that and how to repair it. Thank you so. 6 Nov We would like to provide a more straightforward way to get there from the Adblock Plus user interface, but that's currently not possible (yes, we filed a Firefox bug on that a year ago). The biggest difference is that the new panel won't show you requests that happened before the panel was opened, you might.


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