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Maplestory too slow

Hey guys and gals, if you're experiencing the new slow/no loading of the game try this solution on for size: Delete in your ago (0 children). I'll give this a try. I've been having problems lately. Thanks! Maplestory is so terribly optimized it seems like I'm wasting half a day trying to log in at times. I made a new Kinesis character and when I logged in with him this is what I saw. After about seconds it loaded just a bit more. 28 Aug Realtime is the most energy being used for THAT application I recommend you start off slow with High, like i did and if you feel comfortable move onto realtime. Now that thats out of the way onto the next step. 2. Game Booster v i can't stress how much this shit just made my maple faster AND other.

2 Nov Hello, I need some help and I hope this is the right place to post this. I can log into maple and play just fine but, it's extremely laggy for some reason and I dont know why. When I type something in game and hit enter nothing pops up and every about 2 or 3 step with my character i freeze and lag up. 12 Oct The easy answer is steam, and the steam overlay. To fix the issues, simply go to steam/steamapps/common/maplestory, and run This fixed the issue for me, and I had; Slow loading times, "disconnected from game server", crashing after the loading screen, pc freezing/stalling, and. Installing/Uninstalling a game should not affect it's performance. If your computer is older, I'd suggest pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE, that will give you an idea of what is taking your computer ressources and can help you single out the problem that is slowing down your Maplestory experience.

exactly its only faster but ice is safer with range damage AND FREEZING so get both and toss last 11 points in slow wich you prob will NEVER use cause of 3rd job ice skill along with cold beam may as well toss the slow points in magic armur , more effitive. MS winda-swatkats ranger. MS winda-jaffarpoison f/p mage . 23 Dec Its not lag its due to where you live and where maplestory servers are located. I get it and im Well, of course you'll loot slow in gMS because you're from Europe . The servers are If you play El Nido, the lag should be a little bit better because the server is on the east coast instead of the west. Dec 23


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