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4.09m patch

In case no one noticed :) The new m patch for [url= gamecard/il_2_sturmovik_]IL 2 Sturmovic [/url] is now included in our [ url=]()[/url] installer. So there is no need to manually download and install this patch, skins, guide and readme. Everyone who. 2 Oct IL-2 Sturmovik: vm Patch Official English Language version, please check the Readme file carefully when installing. This patch can only be used with game version m. Before attempting to run the game after patching please download and install the m skinpack. See the Knowledge Base. Hey y'all, I think this whole v. patch thing needs to be clarified for the whole community. A lot of people think it's a hoax. If it is in fact, real, please tell us where to find it.

3 Dec Lo guys I've just seen most servers have moved over to m, but I can't find it anywhere. I have m beta but it wont let me join any servers. 25 Feb The m beta patch for IL-2 Sturmovik: Staniol Online Tunes Member Joined: Jun Posts: Hungary. Originally Posted By: ArgonV. I just downloaded it to retest, all is well on my end. Might be a connection problem from here to there. Just put up the updated default skins patch. Link above. I can confirm, downloaded and working perfectly.

Still no word on the Big awaited for m PaTcH IL-2 Sturmovik. m is the offical patch, it doesn have mods. As ton has said, you can either use the SAS Modact or look into UP In all honesty I'd suggest waiting a few days, updating to and then grabbing UP or the new Modact when it's released. Logged. Print. Pages: [1] Go Up. Special Aircraft Service. Patch 2: m Official Patch - (If your version is m continue to the m Skins Pack.) Patch 3: m Skins Pack Official Release - (Optional Skins Patch) If you want the new skin pack make sure to install before continuing to the m patch. The version number does not change from vm if you.


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