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The bedmap program is used to retrieve and process signal or other features over regions of interest in BED files (including DNase hypersensitive regions, SNPs, transcription factor binding sites, etc.), performing tasks such as: smoothing raw tag count signal in preparation for uploading to the UCSC Genome Browser. Bedmap2 is a new suite of gridded products describing surface elevation, ice- thickness and the sea floor and subglacial bed elevation of the Antarctic south of 60◦ S. We derived these products using data from a variety of sources, including many substantial surveys completed since the original Bedmap compilation. BEDMAP: a new ice thickness and subglacial topographic model of Antarctica. Measurements of ice thickness on the Antarctic ice sheet collected during surveys undertaken over the past 50 years have been brought together into a single database. From these data, a seamless suite of digital topographic models have been.

bedmap: hotel maps. Home.» Bedmap.» Loading hotels. Contact [email protected] Lythe, M. B., Vaughan, D. G., BEDMAP, C., Lambrecht, A., Miller, H., Nixdorf, U. , Oerter, H., Steinhage, D. and Huybrechts, P. (): BEDMAP: a new ice thickness and subglacial topographic model of Antarctica, Journal of Geophysical Research, (B6), 11, Cite this page as: hdl/epic. Contact. 10 Jun The total volume of the Antarctic ice sheet calculated from the BEDMAP grid is million km3, and the total sea level equivalent, derived from the amount of ice contained within the grounded ice sheet, is 57 m, comprising 52 m from the East Antarctic ice sheet and 5 m from the West Antarctic ice sheet.

21 Feb There is a current scenario where bedmap will produce incorrect results. foo1. bed: chr1 1 a 1 chr1 10 20 b 3 chr1 50 c 4. : chr1 1 a 1. Without --faster, bedmap should always produce correct results even with nested elements. The current output from: bedmap --count --bp-ovr


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