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How to check quota

quota. For example: quota -u user1. System response: Disk quotas for user user1 (uid ): Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace /dev/hda6 71 Checking Disk Quota and Usage. The following commands will allow you to monitor the amount of disk space you are using on our (or another) submit node and to determine the amount of disk space you have been allotted (your quota). The default quota allotment on CHTC submit nodes is 20 GB with a hard limit of 30 GB. 2 Dec The Linux quota command displays users' disk usage and limits. By default, only the user quotas are printed. Quota reports the quotas of all the filesystems listed in /etc/mtab. For filesystems that are NFS-mounted, a call to the d on the server machine obtains the necessary information.

16 Jan The first section shows the amount of storage used. The right-most 3 numbers are the block limits, listed in either kilobytes (K), gigabytes (G), or megabytes (M). The first is the number of blocks in use. The second is the soft quota; warnings are issued when this threshold is reached. The third is the "hard". As a site owner, you can maintain control over server resources and carefully monitor areas such as storage space by checking quotas that have been set for sites. 25 Aug To check the disk quota on your Pleiades home directory (or nobackupnfs2 directory), run the quota -vs command. To check the file quota on your Lou home directory, run the quota -vs command from a Lou front-end system (lfe). To check the disk quota on your Pleiades Lustre (/nobackup) directory, use lfs.

Checking Your Quotas. To see a listing of the available disk space in your HPC home and project accounts while logged into an HPC head node (hpc-login2 or hpc-login3), use the following command: myquota. You may also use the form below to check either your Research Compute Facility (RCF) home directory quota or. Check your Exchange mailbox quota McGill mailboxes on Office (Exchange Online) have 50 GB of storage space. To check how much of your mailbox quota has been used, follow the instructions below: • Check usage from Outlook on the Web (OWA) with. Each site's Resources has a quota. That is, the limit to the amount of Resource storage space (in megabytes MB or gigabytes GB) allowed by the institution. Users can see how much storage space is currently being used in Resources and view the allowed quota. Trunk allows each site 1GB of space.


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