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Sims 2 beach lots s

13 Jun Letting downloaders know exactly what neighborhood you built your lot in, and where you originally built that lot isn't just a kindness when it comes to beach lots it's almost a necessity! Having a neighborhood screenie of where you placed the original lot on your previews is even better! (2) Beach Objects. Twikki Beach Boardwalk Re- Do. Dec 4, by HollyHoskinson. loading Muriel Grove Boardwalk. May 31, by brianbrian loading Seaside Village, community lot. May 25, by Pinecat. loading Paradise Beach. Jan 8, by Yami Yue. loading Nurnberg Hotel. Dec 31, by RockWitU. loading. What you will need: Sims 2; FreeTime Expansion; A neighborhood for testing with one sub neighborhood (or two neighborhoods); No fear of cheats. Beneficial (but not required). Bon Voyage Expansion; Camera hack (I like GunMod's Camera Mod). A word of Caution: It is recommended that you backup.

Beaches are a type of community lot in The Sims: Vacation, The Sims 2: Bon Voyage and The Sims 3, and also a lot assignment in The Sims 3. In The Sims: Vacation, one of the three distinct areas of Vacation Island is a beach area, which has three lots. Sims will normally wear swimsuits in this. 20 Sep Beach Lots Hi I have Bon Voyage. Good game and quite enjoyable. But I can't make beach lots. I was wondering has anyone had this problem and. 5 Oct Here's a break from all those houses. This time, I decided to go for community lots . So here it is, my beach community lot. It's sort of a resort--restobar--beach kind of thing. It has a swimming pool, restaurant, dance floor, bar, massage area, and of course, the beach side. Although the lot is on the beach.

17 Sep Problem. I am trying toplace a pre-built beach lot and it isn't working. What is wrong? where you are trying to place the lot. There is a tutorial that explains how to match the terrain and pre-built lot (and how to build beach lots using the terrain editor from Free Time) at Sims 2 Game Help Categories. Subscribe to my Myaa Sim Channel ♥ TheMyaaSim Follow me on Twitter ♥ | See more ideas about Sims 2, Sims and The sims. Now I'm perfectly willing to make some terrains where the road is even closer to the water, *really liked the 2x3 & 2x4 sized beach lots* thats easy enough to do but if it's a slope issue hmmm maybe I'll pop in my two terrains that have a small 2/3 tile slope and check them *runs off to do just that*.


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