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Super wing commander pc

avatar. Petewilly Was super Wing Commander on the PC? I played it on the 3DO but i'm not sure if it was on the PC. That would be a nice game to see on GOG. Unfortunately, it only came out on the Macintosh. Some guy had an article on wcnews about rebuilding an old mac to run it. I don't know if he. 29 Apr Has anyone tried the latest version of ? I could get my hands on a copy of Super Wing Commander so I wanna know if it works. You've been summoned to defend the TCS Tiger's Claw - can you survive and continue the bloody battle against the Empire? Wing Commander set the benchmark in computer gaming. Now Super Wing Commander introduces the epic Kilrathi war to the Macintosh with even more missions and cinematic than the PC.

Find reviews, trailers, release dates, news, screenshots, walkthroughs, and more for Super Wing Commander here on GameSpot. The game was first released for MS-DOS on September 26, and was later ported to the Amiga, CD32 (color), Sega CD and the Super Nintendo, and re -released for the PC as Wing Commander I in An enhanced remake Super Wing Commander was made for the 3DO in , later ported to the Macintosh. The 3D0 version is by far the best version of Wing Commander for any computer or console. Unlike the others the control of your space fighter/whatever seems much more natural. The graphics are waaaaaaaay better than the PC version which we used to joke about. When you are in pursuit or battle with the Kirathi it really.

10 Oct Features: Camera support: Voice control: Motion control: Driving wheel (native): Flightstick (native): PC gamepad (native): Head tracking (native). Multiplayer: Local co-op: LAN co-op: Online co-op: Local competitive: LAN competitive: Online competitive: Local splitscreen: Online splitscreen: Pass and play.


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