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Media Review Snippets. Do you watch movies and read books or comics? Why not use TextExpander to simplify your own little mini-reviews and notes? You can find the original post here. 9 Jan Of course, this assumes you follow tip #2 here and organize your snippets into groups. To ignore a group of snippets on iPad or iPhone, open TextExpander, then tap the (i) icon next to any group. Flip the “Ignore on iOS” switch, and that group of snippets will no longer expand on your mobile devices. How should a busy professional get started with TextExpander? You've downloaded the free test drive version of TextExpander to your Mac or PC and are wondering how to set up your first few snippets. Building a solid snippet system is pretty straightforward Read More.

1 Oct TextExpander is an incredibly useful tool that expands user-defined text abbreviations (called snippets) into more complex pieces of text. This can save you hours of typing. You can define shortcuts for your address, email or telephone number. 3 May If you type for a living, as we do, TextExpander—or a similar app such as TypeIt4Me or QuicKeys—quickly becomes indispensable. As you probably know, TextExpander and utilities like it enable you to insert fixed bits of text—which TextExpander calls snippets—by typing in short abbreviations. 5 Aug In TextExpander terms, a "snippet" is what is displayed when you type the assigned TextExpander abbreviation. For example, an abbreviation like "tyvm" might expand to the the snippet "thank you very much." I use this a lot for quotes. For example, I have an abbreviation "xplan" that expands to the snippet.

6 Feb My Favorite TextExpander Snippets. Let's begin exploring automation with these simple and helpful keyboard shortcuts. This post is part of a series on creating automation heaven. One of the reasons I love technology is tinkering with it to make my life easier. I'm constantly automating tasks so I can either. Get custom URL or download. Markdown workflow enhancement snippets, especially handy in TextExpander touch on the iPhone and iPad. [More info]. 15 Feb TextExpander is one of my favorite applications. I use it on a daily basis. Every time I have to work on another computer that does not have my snippets on it, it almost feels impossible for me to get anything done. TextExpander is also one of these applications that at the beginning you think you will not have.


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