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TwitLonger is the easy way to post more than characters to Twitter. What's with this? TwitLonger is a way to let you post to Twitter when characters just isn't enough. With TwitLonger, you can write what you need and a link to. Summary. We promise to be nice. Privacy. Important. Your Twitter privacy settings are not reflected in TwitLonger. If your updates are private in Twitter it does not.

Support TwitLonger. Supporting TwitLonger helps improve the site for everyone by removing reliance on advertising. For a more in-depth look at the reasons this. TwitLonger API, v2 future home. In progress. Please contact us if you are interested in adding TwitLonger support to your client. LN. Apology. I am sorry to the fans and supporters I let down and offended recently. I listen and read all the comments and I am utmost disappointed .

This weekend I received some terrible news. My older brother attacked both of my parents with a knife. As a result of this attack, my mom. The latest Tweets from TwitLonger (@twitlonger). When (or ) characters isn't enough Visit to get started. Belfast, Northern Ireland. To begin, head to the TwitLonger website and click Write a Post in the upper right -hand corner. If it's your first time using the app, you will need to give TwitLonger permission to access your Twitter account. 6 Tools That Allow You To Write Longer Twitter Tweets twitlonger 1. When you're ready, type your tweet in the box .


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