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Advancedsettings.xml file

24 Feb Note: The file does not exist by default. You have to create it first! The file, which does not exist by default, can be created by a user in their userdata folder. This file is used for advanced settings and options that do not have GUI controls inside of Kodi. 16 Sep 1 Steps. If you don't already have an file, it's very simple to make. Kodi uses this file for advanced settings and features that normal users shouldn't modify without first knowing what they do, as well as for experimental features, etc. Hi It seems that kodi () ignores the file I put it in /home/ user/.kodi/userdata (also tried /usr/share/kodi/addons/y/xml and /usr/ share/kodi/userdata and /usr/share/kodi/system) true.

hi folks, i created an '' file based on the online documentation . i couldn't quite figure out how to upload the file so i figured i would at least post it here. advanced appologies for using this method; i'm off on assignment tomorrow and wanted to get this up in case others need it. 11 Jul Create a text file called and place it in your userdata folder. Replace the host, user and pass field sample information below with your personal configuration. no true 15 Aug If you have buffering problems using Kodi (or XBMC), here's how you can adjust the Kodi cache by creating an file.

XBMC or Kodi file location depends on the operating system. The screenshot below shows the folders in which advanced settings XML file is saved. Note that file does not exist by default. It has to be created by the user. Kodi easy advanced settings xml. file image image. best fixes speed up kodi stop buffering add 0 cache advanced xml updated. Make kodi faster speedup xbmc create and point to mysql. Now go back to the previous menu and select write xml file.


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