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Dead nation problem

Can someone confirm that Dead Nation works for multiplayer? I keep getting the error " ". This can't be right as the global rankings are. Well so far this only happened with one person, but I don't really get it, we can connect, talk, but the moment we start a game and we should be able to move, we just get Lost Connection We can play MW2, and when he's host I have 3 bars, but on thi. For Dead Nation on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Co-op problem".

When I start up Dead Nation to play some co-op campaign with my brother, more often than not the 'Continue Campaign' option is simply not there. Hi, I've tried today to buy dead nation on Japanese Playstation Store but to continue i must use a credit card. why? i have Yen on my account (it. Nov 24, The biggest problem with Dead Nation is its genre, which may be too tired for a lot of people. It's not like Dead Nation is a brand-new thing; it's just a very fun version of a familiar thing. Fans of Super Stardust HD might be puzzled by the game's unnecessary live-action intro and its minimal story. Ignore it.

Mar 5, It appears it was not just my copy of Dead Nation that had problems, many users are now reporting the game is crashing and throwing up the CE error screen. “Have it none stop with dead nation games virtually unplayable,” explained one poster of the official PlayStation forums. “Downloaded. Lyrics for The Problem by Dead Nation.


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