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How to email ed pictures download

How to email ed pictures

thank you!! how simple. and if it doesn't work, found that the "reply" arrow will offer the option to save images. When you hover over the thumbnail of the picture a down arrow a Google Drive triangle appear. Click on the down arrow to save the picture to you local hard drive. The location will be controlled by how your browser is set to deal with downloads. Re: Save emailed pictures to hard drive, tony_b, 12/7/ I disagree with @quietsigns answer. There are other people that could potentially see your email. For one - email can be sniffed while in transit. Probably not super likely but still possible. Second - if the destination email is ever compromised (or is currently compromised) then it's likely that this email will just.

19 Aug When receiving emailed photos from your parents, you'll often run into upside- down or rotated images. You'll also happen across some rotated images when transferring them from your iPhone to your Windows PC. It's more a nuisance than a scourge, but removing a nuisance from your life is much better. 18 Apr Apple still won't let you send more than five pictures at a time, which can make for some serious sharing hassles. Here are some workarounds. Poking through email on your iPod Touch to locate a picture someone sent you recently is time-consuming. It can be a bigger problem when the picture is work- related and you are dealing with people who don't have time to wait. If you receive an important picture via email that you might need to share with other people.

Every time I try to search for an answer I get windows 8 or earlier answers. Winkey-e does bring up a window for file explorer, but you cannot drag and drop or right shift or Is this a defect on. When i take pictures using my iphone 6s plus and share them with email they are sent upside down. This even happens if i text to the pic to someone.


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