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19 Mar Players can create their own units, maps, and scenarios for use with MegaMek. There are also scenarios, map, and camo packs that can be found on various forums. MegaMek supports all unit types, from infantry, battlemechs, and vehicles , to aerospace fighters, dropships, and warships. Ground battles as. FUTURE AMMENDMENTS (game developers) 1) Incorporate Clan Enhanced Imaging neural implants into MegaMek. 2) Allow other than standard-size maps in a scenario. 3) Allow one side to use the Faction Location (with the ability to define how many hexes out from the side) while the other side uses Hex Placement. 4 Jan Disclaimer: This is not my own work. I have just copy and pasted from Field Manual: Free Worlds League and BattleTech Master Rules. When I get to creating my own scenarios, I will specifically state that they are mine. Until then, these are all of FASA's. I just figured a spot here would be easier access for.

Is there a place to find some MegaMek scenarios or MekHQ campaigns? I'm having fun getting back into Battletech, but I only have time for bot. 24 May Has anyone ever made, or considered making MegaMek scenarios based on MW missions? I don't imagine it would be too hard for those with the knowh. 16 Jan The purpose of this thread will be to post challenging but fun scenarios to test the mettle of players. These might also be used in campaigns where appropriate. All forum members are welcome to submit their own scenarios in megamek format as posted attachments including maps, units, etc). Archived.

I don't know if this the right place to ask, but I'd really like to make this thing to work: ?topic=41 Did anyone here manage to do it? It seems amazing, but I never managed to drop. 30 Mar I just finished two scenarios of the battle of New Mendham in The detailed information for the scenarios are placed in the scenario files (sorry, only in german.., maybe someone will translate it). Copy the attached file (CBT ) in the data/boards folder. I will create two or three further scenarios for. It's also possible to set up multiple instances of MegaMek on the same computer as bots, for solo play. The bot opponents aren't the greatest, but it does mean you can customize scenarios, and don't have to worry about finding an opponent online (or that your opponent is some munchkin with a ridiculous.


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