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Oculus rift game of thrones

A fan created experience based on the Game of Thrones location 'Castle Black' and 'The Wall', outpost of the Night's Watch. In this experience you can ascend the wall in the caged lift, and atop The Wall, look down from a creaky ledge and lookout at the north. You can explore Castle Black's main courtyard (with a few. Thrilling New Storytelling. Our A thrilling new method of storytelling that actually puts you into a TV show and begins to change the course of how a narrative experience can be delivered. Ascend the wall VR experience utilizes Oculus Rift VR headsets, the Unity game engine, Oscar winning VFX pipelines, wind machines. The fictional world of Game Of Thrones is recreated in a new virtual reality experience.

The HBO Game of Thrones-inspired Castle Black: An Oculus Rift VR Experience takes you to the series' famous headquarters at the foot of the Wall, where you can explore the castle's courtyard and push through the Gates to see what lies beyond the Wall. Created by indie dev Ryan Cassidy as a passion. 8 Mar From a winch elevator at the base of the Wall, the foot structure that bisects the land of Westeros in *Game of Thrones, *I can see the stone buildings of Castle Black illuminated by torches. Then the doors snap shut, and I am rising, quickly, skyward. As I watch a sweeping panorama of snowy mountains. 28 Jan Game of Thrones might be fantasy, but the characters are so deep and the betrayals so gripping that it feels real. And thanks to Oculus Rift, I just experienced a brief slice of life in the Seven Kingdoms. It was awesome—but I'm glad to be back in our reality.


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