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Pcsx2 full speed plugins

31 Mar Click the "Graphics" plugin button on the main configuration window and select " GSdx ," which is the standard video plugin for PCSX2. Like with the audio Gaming computers that usually have maximum-speed CPUs and RAM tend to help PCSX2 emulate games at much faster speeds. If you have a. 18 Oct Try lower resolution at GSdx settings (check "Native resolution", or, for the sake of it, try custom resolution of x just to see how if affects speed - it WILL a fast CPU, keep in mind that even if your PC is new and/or it runs Crysis 3 fine, it doesn't mean it will run all emulated PS2 games at full speed. Only IF your processor supports these instruction sets use highest version you can since it will be faster for you in this order from slowest to fastest: SSE2, SSSE3, SSE, AVX and AVX2. The new AVX and AVX2 instructions give a minor speed up only with the software.

11 Mar This is important to get the max speed out of your CPU. 5. Renderer – Always use DX11 Hardware unless a game specifies otherwise. This will get the most out of your GPU. 6. Enable HW (hardware) hacks – Only enable this if you have some graphics issues in games. After you enable it hit configure and.


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