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29 Sep The main features of the phylogeny program TNT are discussed. Windows versions have a menu interface, while Macintosh and Linux versions are command‐driven. The program can analyze data sets with discrete (additive, non ‐additive, step‐matrix) as well as continuous characters (evaluated with. 25 Apr Version of the computer program TNT completely integrates landmark data into phylogenetic analysis. Landmark data consist of coordinates (in two or three dimensions) for the terminal taxa; TNT reconstructs shapes for the internal nodes such that the difference between ancestor and descendant. 30 Dec TNT stands for "Tree analysis using New Technology". It is a program for phylogenetic analysis under parsimony (with very fast tree-searching algorithms; Nixon, , Cladistics ; Goloboff, , Cladistics ), as well as extensive tree handling and diagnosis capabilities. It is a joint.

Tree analysis using New Technology (TNT). A program for phylogenetic analysis under parsimony (with very fast tree-searching algorithms; Nixon , Cladistics – doi/jtbx; Goloboff , Cladistics – doi/jtbx), as well as extensive. TNT (Goloboff et al., b), which includes several new methods to facilitate phylogenetic analysis (for reviews see Hovenkamp, ; Giribet, ; Meier and. Ali, ). Under an agreement between the Willi. Hennig Society and the authors, TNT is now available as a free program. A version of TNT licensed for single-. 31 Mar New Technology searches in TNT provide refined algorithms more effective than simple branch swapping techniques applied in traditional searches, leading to shorter analyze times, especially in large datasets (Goloboff, Farris & Nixon, ). Nevertheless, traditional searches with and without implied.

9 Jun It requires a version of TNT for March, , or later. The present script is this note aside exactly the same one as used by Giannini & Goloboff (), and is preserved as such for documentation purposes." , "This scripts merges two trees (mixing groups of as even a size as possible). TNT: Tree Analysis Using New Technology. Program and documentation, available from the authors. P Goloboff, J Farris, K Nixon. , Analyzing large data sets in reasonable times: solutions for composite optima. PA Goloboff. Cladistics 15 (4), , , Improvements to resampling measures of. 12 Nov ) and TNT (Goloboff et al. ). Other software will also be referred to for specific algorithms or implementations. By no means I will attempt to refer to all software packages available in the market, and of course I restrict myself to those that I know best, or more importantly, to those that incorporate new.


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