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1435 arabic calendar

Hijri Month, Starts On, Day of Week, Days in Month. Muharram , 5-Nov , Tuesday, 29 days. Safar , 4-Dec, Wednesday, 30 days. Rabi al- awwal , 3-Jan, Friday, 29 days. Rabi al-thani , 1-Feb, Saturday, 30 days. Jumada al-awwal , 3-Mar, Monday, 29 days. Jumada al-thani. Jun, Monday, 2-Ramadan 1-Jul, Tuesday, 3-Ramadan- 2-Jul, Wednesday, 4-Ramadan 3-Jul, Thursday, 5- Ramadan 4-Jul, Friday, 6-Ramadan 5-Jul, Saturday, 7- Ramadan 6-Jul, Sunday, 8-Ramadan 7-Jul, Monday, 9- Ramadan-. Islamic Calendar with its dates mapping to corresponding dates in other calendars in used in the world like the Gregorian Calendar.

21 May The name هِجْرة (hijrah) describes the migration of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina in June CE. This also marks the beginning of the Islamic or (lunar) Hijri-calendar, so called التَّقْوِيم الهِجْرِيّ الْقَمَرِيّ. The Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar and doesn't follow a solar. Find the most accurate Islamic calendar with Islamic months name and todays date on IslamicFinder. Download printable calendar of Hijri and Gregorian calendar and Islamic date today. Hijri Calendar / Islamic Calendar / Muslim Calendar in a printable format. This calendar is valid for Makkah and it is in English & Arabic languages. This version of calendar only shows the start date of each islamic month and it is exactly the same as the tabular format Islamic Calendar available on our.

Gregorian/Hijri Calendar for January C.E. February C.E. March C.E. April C.E. safar - Raby al-Raby al- Thaany - Raby al-Thaany - Jumaada al-THaany awal A.H. Raby al-THaany Jumaada al-awal. - Rajab A.H.. S S M I W T F A.H.. A.H.. S S M T W T F. 3 Nov Islamic Hijri Calendar تقويم هجري Download: The Hijri Calendar The Islamic calendar This article is about the lunar Hijri calendar. For the solar calendar whose first year is fixed to the Hijra, see Solar Hijri calendar. The Islamic calendar, Muslim calendar or Hijri calendar (AH) is a lunar calendar. The Islamic, Muslim, or Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 months in a year of or days. It is used to date events in many Muslim countries. It is also used by Muslims to determine the proper days of Islamic holidays and rituals, such as the.


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