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Using the FreeStyle Libre Software, you can gain a deeper understanding of glucose patterns and variability. The FreeStyle Libre software is intended for use by individuals and health care professionals to aid in the review, analysis, and evaluation of information such as sensor glucose readings, blood glucose test results, blood ketone test results, and other data uploaded from the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system. Use LibreView,* the cloud-based diabetes management system to upload your data and create easy-to-read glucose reports for you and to share with your healthcare professional. Visit For an alternative way to view your historical glucose data download the FreeStyle Libre desktop software. Download for.

No, the FreeStyle Libre software is not required to use your FreeStyle Libre system, but it can help you more easily spot trends and patterns in your data. 2. Yes, the software is compatible with the following Microsoft Windows Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64). Orden para la bateria del medidor del freestyle ahora, reemplazo libre de las baterias del metro. Did you know the FreeStyle Libre software available for your FreeStyle Libre system allows you to view your own unique Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP)? The FreeStyle Libre reader has this report as part of the Daily Patterns. Your AGP provides a snapshot of your glucose levels over a “typical” day, revealing glucose .

FreeStyle Libre - nieuwe technologie om actuele glucosewaarde te scannen met Libre-reader en Libre-sensor, zonder gebruik van lancetten, bloed en teststrips. Using FreeStyle Libre Software, you can gain a deeper understanding of glucose patterns and variability. The Ambulatory Glucose Profile summarises glucose data into percentiles 14 throughout the day. It's a snapshot of a typical day revealing hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia trends. The stoplight chart is designed to. LibreView is supported in the countries listed above. New countries will be added in the future. Check back soon. Abbott, LibreView, FreeStyle and related brand marks are trademarks of the Abbott Group of Companies in various jurisdictions and used with permission. Other trademarks are the property of their respective.


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