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Symantec ghost recovery kit

Set up a model machine and capture an image that is locked to the hardware. For more information about locking the image so that it can only be restored to specific machines, see pages 17 - 20 of the "Ghost Recovery Kit" guide. BIOS locking is a Microsoft requirement for OEM distributors. The "Ghost Recovery Kit" guide is. Symantec Technical Support maintains support centers globally. Technical. Support's primary role is to respond to specific queries about product features hnicalSupportgroupalsocreatescontentforouronline. Knowledge Base. The Technical Support group works collaboratively with the. Aug 19, Hello All,. I have been successful at creating some training laptops with a hidden partition and using the recovery kit, after training or if there is a problem, the system can be rre-imaged by pressing F3 on boot up to start the restore process. We would like to carry this a bit further and use this on some regular.

Sep 9, Note: This procedure is not appropriate for OEM manufacturers that want to use the Ghost Recovery Kit. For OEM manufacturers, Microsoft requires you to lock the image to the BIOS and/or hardware. OEM manufacturers are also required by Symantec to use ghostoemexe to perform the restoration of the. Jun 13, Since Ghost SS has a number of updates (up to ) I am curious about GhostOEMexe included on the GSS CD that we use for our VAR clients. What I mean is Ghostexe, etc are updated to newer versions but the GhostOEMexe is not. Is there a way to download updates to the recovery. Feb 19, Hi Folks.. Does anyone have a tutorial on how to use the Recovery kit. I've read the manual but I'm not exactly sure how to set up the recovery kit. Obviously I need 2 partitions - One with the OS on it and the other with the recovery Image of the OS partition. Bit stumped. I can use GHOST without any.

Sep 10, The syntax for this switch is as follows: envexe=fullpath where fullpath is the full path of a copy of GhostOEMexe that is not currently running. GhostOEMexe has to be the last part in the named file path. For example: GhostOEM32 -envexe =c:\folder\GhostOEMexe –oemfile. References Recovery Kit. Aug 10, Hi, We are using GSS to install ghostimages to our customers computers. Sometimes we need to send a recovery DVD to a customer. When we were using ghost we had a load-only version (OEM-Kit) which we used for this purpose. Because we didn't want to include the "real" licensed version of. If you download the trail, look in the "recovery kit" files are " PowerQuest" image files. Norton bought PowerQuest and used it's technology starting with the consumer version of Ghost 9. That's when they changed from the DOS images to the consumer based.v2i images. However.


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