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#1 Posted Jun 24 - Corporal. Players; battles; 61; Member since: Just starting a topic to talk about an offline mode for WoT, because I am not connected to a network often and I play WoT, and so how hard would it be to add bots to the game for offline play? Discuss. 24 Aug But basically I think people would like to have some sort of offline mode (maybe even with it's own map) where they could practice with the new tanks against dummies, for example. I think that would also be helpful to those who want to improve a bit, maybe even determine some weakspots of the tanks and. 29 Jan OFFLINE MODE OF WORLD OF TANKS - posted in On Topic Archive: To our beloved WoT developers,staff, moderators and all officers in this game.. I suggest you to make an offline mode for us to play for the players who do not have an internet connection.. I know that you can do you and more.

Does the Xbox version of World of Tanks include or will it include offline play options against bots?. 4 Jan Sometimes I want to play offline or practice - posted in General Discussion: The trailer said you can play anywhere but really you can only play at your room, Wifi Cafe and other buildings with free wifi but cant play at your grandmas house or in your poor family side. which is a bummer but also Offline.


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