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17 Apr ?FamilyID=B33B1DFF-6F D-BBDFDDAE&displaylang=en. Extract the 2gbexe file to an empty folder. You should see the following five files: ; Msvbvmdll; ; ; Start the program. 14 Mar Free Download PST2GB - Oversized PST Recovery Utility. Tool for issues discussed in QSpecific support tool to create a truncated copy of file allowing some recovery when the file size has reached over 2 gig. The copy does not have all the original data because the tool cuts a user defined amount of data from the file.

PST2GB. Download the zip with the , DLLs, and read-me files from my Dropbox. SplitPST. You can use the tools provided from SplitPST: You can use split PST software to split PST file outlook into smaller files. This software ensures that no data is lost while splitting your PST file. Download. 6 Mar However, the Inbox Repair Tool of Outlook, i.e. '' becomes completely unable to do any needful in this situation. In such case, you can download '' software and crop your PST and then scan it with Inbox Repair tool for fixing its error. Follow below mentioned steps to do the same, but. Hey guys. One of our sales people has an outlook pst file larger than 2 gigs. Don't ask. Need a bit of help. Does anyone have that file handy? Only way I see to get the file is to call MS. I called and everytime I'm able to enter my product ID, I get disconnected asking me if I want to make a call. Dunno what's.

MS Outlook is a personal information management application that provides users with an easy way to manage e-mails, calendaring tasks and to do lists. All of this important information is stored in a single file called the Outlook PST file. As a user adds more and more information in Outlook, the PST file grows larger. Download the tool and extract the 2gbexe file to an empty folder. The following five files such as , Msvbvmdll, , , should be seen. Start program; Click Browse to select the oversized PST file and then click Open; Click Create, select name and location of the. 17 Oct Anyone has the Microsoft utility to truncate PST files that have grown over the 2GB limit? Thanks!.


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