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Check out SOLIDWORKS System Requirements to ensure you are always working with a SOLIDWORKS supported and optimized system for hardware, operating system and Microsoft products - also Apple, Mac - Mac , eDrawings, and more. 4 Dec All things considered, it makes perfect sense that we're often asked if SolidWorks software runs on the Apple OS X operating system found on Macbooks and Mac Pros. The answer to this is yes and no. We do develop several applications that are available for OS X and iOS. This includes eDrawings Viewer. I really need solidworks but i only have a mac So how can i use it please? I have heard about VirtualBox but it's definitely not user friendly.

4 Aug Good news if you want to run SOLIDWORKS on an Apple Mac computer. We have a tried & tested configuration that works really well using Parallels & RealView. Option 2 still requires you install a bootcamp partition and a copy of Windows however using additional software you can set up a Virtual Machine (VM) from within the Mac OS which allows you to boot up your installation of Windows and run Solidworks with out leaving the Mac OS. The big advantage of this is you have full. People often ask if it is possible to run SolidWorks on a Mac - the good news is you can. We know quite a few users running SolidWorks successfully on a Mac.

2 May SOLIDWORKS for Mac with Parallels Desktop, Virtual Machine, Solidworks on Mac, Design with Mac, Create with Mac, Unlock your Mac!. 2 Dec I have been doing this since and have run all the SolidWorks products on 4 different Apple Macbook Pros from the first Core2 MBP in to the newest Macbook Pro Retina now running Windows Over the years I have gone to great lengths to run SolidWorks on my Mac without limits, including. Unlike many of the best CAD software for Mac, SolidWorks for Mac does not exist but there are ways to install the PC version of SolidWorks , & on macOS. If you use a virtual machine such as Parallels, you can switch between macOS and Solidworks at anytime seamlessly. Alternatively, you can install.


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