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You will need Scott Howard's BD32 application. This is a bit DOS application and must be run in a 'real' DOS environment. Make sure that the path to BD EXE is in your DOS 'PATH' setting. Please refer to Scott's BD32 documentation for details of how to setup, configure and use BD32 and connect a parallel port BDM. NOTE: You may need to change your BIOS settings and/or edit BDCFG. * Make sure the scripts are in the same folder as BDEXE and start BD * Once BD32 has started type 'do dump' to DUMP or 'do flash' to FLASH your ECU. * Enter the name of your BIN file when prompted. * FLASHing or DUMPing a T/ /7/8. 23 Sep Latest version of my 'compiled' scripts for use with Scott Howard's BDEXE software: Universal BDM scripts for Trionic Some screenshots of my scripts in use: Universal Script You need to have the following to FLASH your ECU using Trionic BDM Suite: A computer or laptop with.

BD32 starts by looking for the disk file 'bdcfg' in the default. disk drive and directory, or in the directory from which 'bdexe' was. executed. If it finds the file, it reads the first two lines to determine. the communications baud rate and I/O port to use to talk to the target. Four ports are supported, COM1, COM2, LPT1, and. 10 Feb hi, got a new bd32 adapter. use with t5 use the user port sys click start, thats ok. when i click on bd32 exe to start, nothing happens, any clues? thanks, mark k. Hello, we have ordert a USB Multilink Universal FX and search a software to flash a mcgceh16 over this. In the history we use the bootloader software bd exe from motorola over parallel port. Works this with PROG32Z? Can we download a demo for 30 days. We would checked before we order thie.

Have you read this one ?f=12&t= it explains everyting. I would recommend DOS, I had a lot of struggle with the port in xp. From DOS POV: Computer by USB 2. enter BD32 or BDexe. It will open the BD32 IF you have booted correctly and have the BD. 30 May It was published by Motorola (its support BBS) and can be used with free BD32 ( bd32vzip) debugger and BDM library example implementation . image with debug information (for example RTEMS system absolute COFF or ELF image) you can start it by the following commands. file spexe. Reason Core Security anti-malware scan for the file bdexe (SHA-1 93f32e5d30acac62bccbdbf9debf). Reason Core Security has detected the file bdexe.


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