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NAOqi APIs. Thematic indexes: C++ Classes · C++ Functions · NAOqi Events · NAOqi Memory Keys. See also: The introduction to Key concepts. C++ library APIs · NAOqi Python API. NAOqi is the name of the main software that runs on the robot and controls it. The NAOqi Framework is the programming framework used to program NAO. It answers to common robotics needs including: parallelism, resources, synchronization, events. This framework allows homogeneous communication between different. libqi. libqi is a middle-ware framework that provides RPC, type- erasure, cross-language interoperability, OS abstractions, logging facilities, asynchronous task management, dynamic module loading. This library is published as part of the NAOqi SDK:

Overview. There are probably more robotics frameworks than robots. Some are IA oriented, specialized in motion, in real-time, in programming language, closed or open-source: OROCOS, YARP (Yet Another Robotic Platform), Urbi, and all laboratories that develop and maintain their own framework since Aibo. NAOqi. I'm learning the naoqi framework of nao robot recently. Below is an example of how to access a customized module in its documentation. (https://community. html#cpp-examples-helloworld) #include #include . hello,. Thanks a lot for your question. In fact, NAOqi is a proprietary software, so we just provide access to the software to our clients, and we don't have any offer matching with your request, at least for today. If you want to have a "developer look" at it, the best I can suggest is to navigate the technical.

You should only need this if you want to write NAOqi modules in Python, for instance because you need to subsribe to an event with a callback. The full process is a bit tricky, and is documented in the Making a Python module - Reacting to events tutorial. ALBroker(name, ip, port, parent_ip, parent_port). Create a python.


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