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Deus ex human revolution debug mod

Sep 25, This cute little mod unlocks the Debug Menu for Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut plus several other conveniences that felt this game lacked. The installation is a simple folder creation and a copy paste, the installation details are provided in the folder you are gonna MANUALLY download, its NOT. A Deus Ex: Human Revolution (DXHR) Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by Logan Dougall. This is a pack of two mods for DXHR - Director's Cut: The Burger debug menu and the map selector mod. This debug menu has now been updated and allows more advanced control of various aspects of the game. Some options include invincibility, unlimited ammo, money, energy, stamina.

Games Discussion · Nintendo Fan Club · PlayStation Nation · Xbox Association · PC/Mac/Linux Society · Mobile Connection · Bug Reporting & Feedback · Off- Topic Discussion · System Wars · Sports Bar · Ask the Mods · Retro Gaming · PC & A/V Hardware · YouTubers / Streamers Unite · GameSpot Polls · GameSpot. Jan 14, Steam\SteamApps\common\Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut\ (finding these folders depend on where you have Steam installed) and No Intro, debug menu, map selector (Directors Cut) addon - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Filename. modhook_map-select_debug-menu__patchz. Sep 5, Still, thanks to the work of modder extraordinaire “gibbed”, we've got a mod to enable debug mode in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and it lets us fiddle with all sorts of settings. Do you like fiddling with settings? Here's an example, just a little sample, of what you can do with Debug mode enabled: Instantly.

Jan 1, Deus Ex HR: Inventory Mod and Debug Mod I love Deus Ex HR and these mods have increased my enjoyment with it, I had nothing to do with making them. Stormy_ @StormyJet 22 Oct: @gibbed Will there be a new version of the fantastic burger menu for DX:Human Revolution Directors Cut?. Whenever there will be a patch, the mod will have to be "repackaged". Installation : (Vanilla DX:HR) 1) Navigate into..\Steam\steamapps\common\deus ex - human revolution\ (finding these folders depend on where you have Steam installed) and make a backup of patch though you can have Steam.


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