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Exid every night video

Every Night is a song by South Korean girl group EXID. The song was released as a digital single on October 2, through AB Entertainment. The song is written by member LE, and co-produced by LE and Shinsadong Tiger. "Every Night" is a rearrangement of the track "Call", which was on. Lyrics to 'Every night' by EXID. Dalkomhan maltu Every night Lyrics. EXID. Every night video. 10 Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers. X Every time neoege. Tto neul geureoteut. Uriui da jinan sarang. Meolli beorinji oraejanha. Uri hamkke haetdeon nal. Useumyeo bonaetdeon nal. Ije modu da ijeosseo. Neoneun wae. Nope, it's a Korean actor. Every Night (EXID song) If it was Fallon I'm sure they'd have mentioned it, and it would be easy to google.

As we all know, EXID has taken over the k-pop world with their newest song, Up and Down. I personally really enjoyed Up and Down and I decided to take a look at their other music videos. This review shall be of their song, Every Night. I decided to write this review as i'm watching the music video. *Spoilers ahead*.


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