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Play conquer online without ing

The first Conquer Online private server with Chi, Jiang Hu, Epic Weapons, CTF, Poker, Roulette, etc. Anything and everything for your Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Gaming needs! DARK MODE · NORMAL THEME. Rules. Text posts must contain at least characters; No Self promotion · No YouTube direct links, unless from an official or approved source; Don't spam (or post referral links). 16 May I don't mind playing a support class like water if spending the above amount of money means I won't get one shot all the time. f) waters: u maybe can find people that will help u gear up but u need to be good already. can be reaaaallly frustrating every day (no damage so no hunting and hard to kill in.

Conquer Online is a free PVP MMORPG which features Free to Play, Skill to Win. In Conquer Online, you can choose from 9 awesome classes and become a martial arts master. While exploring the ancient oriental fantasy world, you also can make friends with other players all over the world, organize a guild, and even get. Open PVP & Various PK Platforms | Conquer Online has an open PvP environment, meaning any character can be killed at anytime by another player. Rebirth System | Players are able to be reborn numerous times without limitation if they have reached requirements. Each rebirth will give them special things. Interactive. And its impossible to get pass lvl 59 without paying, so at the end, the game sucks. Worst game ever. World of Warcraft has an even worse community, but at least its better than this. Dude, you've got to ****ing kidding me. I'm lvl with several other chars past lvl 59, never once put a dime into this game.

Each drop consumes what is known as your "luck points" after your luck points are gone, you can no longer get these drops for the day. These are the drops that to start back up from 0. If you die to an enemy player you will lose stacks if you have any and your timer will remain counting down from its current amount. 14 Sep Comment: i have read trough have of the reviews of the game and decided to create an account to give my opinion, I have 4 years playing conquer online but in . Even if you are a well experianced player that quit and came back no chance at all(trust me i tried)giving it a 1 because of the programmers and. 21 Jun If I can't play it online and valve isn't gonna do anything to fix it they should refund those that just bought the game. Search for Gamereplays/ commandandconquer there launching a replacement service for online today! There no it doesnt work online at all. lan works but theres nobody to play. #


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