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Spotify premium not ing playlists

Solved: I just purchased premium earlier this week but I am having trouble syncing all my playlist on my Ipod. only some of my playlist are showing. Support teirs continualy point towards authenitcation holes that are causeing the sysem to either not match up or error on authentication between the "Spotify" service and the. Solved: Upgraded to premium, have the receipt. Does not seem to be working, still have ads and still says to upgrade. up for the day trial and when I try to play my playlist it says "Only premium users can stream on demand on mobile" and when I click "get premium" it shows that I am subscribed to premium already. Spotify only seems to be able to play one song at a time from my playlist. If i chose to skip the song, it automaticaly plays from my local files (those are unshuffled.) Is there any way that i can get Spotify to JUST play the playlist? Also, I have Spotify Premium, so that is not the problem. Solved! Go to Solution.

if it's still not showing as Premium, and you've definitely paid for the upgrade, try reinstalling the app. .. I was having trouble playing the music I saved during the 48 hour free but it is finally playing but now I can only search for songs and when I want to listen to them/save them it says I only premium users can listen. I looked . Solved: Since a couple of day's my spotify isn't working on my phone anymore. It's telling me to buy premium which I already have. Help me please!. 25 Apr Solved: I decided to uninstall and reinstall the Spotify app on my phone because I could not get the playlists to sync up from my computer to my. I can still use the playlists on my computers, but on my phone none of them are working. It might also be helpful to mention that I do have spotify premium.

Still not working? Check @SpotifyStatus for any service faults. If you have Premium for Family, make sure the owner hasn't removed you from the plan. If you subscribe to Premium through another company (e.g. with your broadband/ mobile provider, or with iTunes), check with them to make sure your subscription is still. Offline still doesn't work. It might play a song or two, then stop. I have to go back online for 3 seconds and the song will continue to play. 3 songs later, it stops again. I've been a 3 year premium member. I'm not sure what changed, but something changed. I have never had any problems until lately and wow is it messed up. Solved: I subscribed and paid for spotify premium yesterday, but I still can't listen to songs that I have listened to more than 5 times and I still.


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