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EXISTING CARE SYMBOLS UNDER ISO You will find below a complete overview of the care labelling symbols and care instructions under the ISO standard, for a standardized and harmonized worldwide care labelling systems. Select a symbol to access all the possible variations. 1 Washing; u Bleaching. The care symbols indicate the maximal severity of the care treatment. Washing and ironing at lower tem- peratures preserves the environment through smaller power requirement. Keep dirty laundry in a well aired and dry place and do not leave lying around for too long. Pre-treat stains or heavily soiled pieces suitably; . Included in their annual license fee, GINETEX Global Partners benefit from a full range of supports and services on demand. The GINETEX Competence Center offer goes from the Registration of the GINETEX trademarks, our Technical Booklet with all technical information on how to use GINETEX symbols, complete Legal.

The five care symbols are protected trademarks in most countries. They may not be reproduced, issued or used without a special license agreement with GINETEX, co-owner of the trademarks together with COFREET. This Intellectual Property license agreement commits companies to use the symbols correctly at all times. GINETEX. Selling In Europe. The 5 care symbols shown at the top of your screen are actually a trademark and the trademark is owned by GINETEX. Because the symbols are trademarked in some European markets companies have to pay for the right to use the symbols. The level of payment varies but in some cases is. The care symbols are protected trademarks in most countries. They may not be produced, issued or used without a special licence agreement with GINETEX as the owner of the marks. Licencees are required to make correct use of the symbols at all times in compliance with the applicable guidelines. Breaches might lead to.

8 Aug The International Association for Textile Care Labelling (GINETEX) is an international network that aims to provide consumer with information on textile care by means of pictograms. The 5 main care symbols are an international trademark owned by GINETEX and are registered with the World Intellectual. 4 Oct The registration of those symbols in China and India helps the promotion of using harmonized care symbols within the textile and clothing industries on a more global level. It is worth noting that many national apparel brands are exporting and importing textile products in these markets. Recently, GINETEX. GINETEX level. The GINETEX symbols are also the origin of the intenational standard EN ISO “Tex- tiles – Care Labelling Code using Symbols”. These standards are the result of an agreement between. GINETEX as the owner of the trademarks and ISO. (International Standardization Organization). This document in.


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