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Mappy game for pc

Retrieve stolen goods from the Meowkies as Mappy the police in this fun-sized adventure! Beware: kitties not afraid to use their claws. You're Mappy, the mouse-policeman who must keep law and order through five changing levels of difficulty. In addition to jumping and running after the nasty Boss cat and mischievous little cats, Mappy can also use a variety of special enhancements like the rubber-band trampolines and closed doors to get away from the. Description of Mappy Game Gear. If you haven't played Mappy or want to try this action video game, download it now for free! Published in by Namco Limited, Mappy (aka マッピー) was an above-average arcade title in its time. Captures and Snapshots. Game Gear; NES; PC Mappy 0. Mappy 1. Mappy 2. Mappy 3.

Mappy is a arcade game by Namco. In the United States, it was distributed by Bally/Midway. Mappy is a side-scrolling platform game that features cartoon-l. Mappy is a classic arcade game from the 80s which was also released on Nintendo. Walk and bounce around the levels and collect your prizes to earn more points, but be careful of breaking the trampolines or running into one of your enemies! Remember to use the doors to help you block them. Very plain and simple but a. GDC Early DSi adopters get $10 in points, Wii Arcade detailed. Nintendo to reward purchasers of new handheld with downloadable game currency; Wii store welcomes coin-op classics Gaplus, Mappy, Star Force, and Tower of Druaga. We have no news or videos for Mappy. Sorry! by Taboola by Taboola · Sponsored.

14 Aug Scoring features a multiplier if Mappy gathers items in pairs. The items are: Radio ; Television; Computer; Mona Lisa; Safe. With the radio being worth points, increasing in point increments with the safe being If Mappy takes too long gathering up the stolen goods, a warning will issue, and then. Description. Mappy is an Action game, developed and published by Namco, which was released in Japan in It's a side-scrolling platform game that features cartoon-like animals, primarily cats and mice. The game's main character itself is a mouse. This was followed by a video game console-only sequel called Mappy-Land in (released in the United States by Taxan). In , it was re-released as part of Microsoft Revenge of Arcade for the PC. Mappy also had several Japan-only sequels, including Hopping Mappy in for the arcades and Mappy Kids in.


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