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Packagemaker snow leopard

27 Feb PackageMaker is no longer part of OS X, and git_osx_installer requires it. When you try and build the installer on , you see this: $ make Unable to find any of /Developer/Applications/Utilities/ /Applications/Utilities/ # OSX_NAME = Snow Leopard # OSX_CODE. PackageMaker 3 Instructions AM. PackageMaker 3: Building a Leopard or Snow Leopard. Installer Package Step By Step, version . Bill Cheeseman With the advent of Xcode , Apple told us that it prefers managed installation of applications using installer packages when ancillary. I had the same problem and setting the executable permissions for the scripts solved it for me! pkgutil --expand my chmod +x my/ preinstall pkgutil --flatten my Found this solution in this thread at golang-nuts groups.

I have a Thawte code sign certificate which works great with packagemaker -- sign on but not on I am trying to find out what changed here. The cert is used on both releases to both sign the build in Xcode (works fine in both cases) and also to with the installer package with: packagemaker. 18 Sep PackageMaker Prefligt is not working in MAC (Snow Leopard) - Hi All, I found one serious issue like the Pre - Flight script which i am using with Package Maker (Leopard) is not works in Package Maker 3. 2 Oct Use Package Maker from Apple. It's free and is included with the Developers Kit from Apple. I believe it will handle what issues you have, but if not check out LanRev Install Ease. InstallVise is a pain for anyone that is trying to create a automated software clone. PackageMaker & LanRev Install Ease will.

10 Nov PackageMaker and Identity Finder's build scripts are the only supported way of customizing the Identity Finder client installer for Mac. These build scripts require a machine running OS X (Leopard), OS X (Snow Leopard) or OS X (Lion). If you do not have a machine running one of these. Hello, I got an PackageMaker error, How to resolve the error /Developer/ Applications/Utilities/ -d PhoneGapLibIn. 8 Jan Re: [the-luggage] PackageMaker vs pkgbuild, Greg Neagle, 1/8/13 PM. I think it would be a very good idea to move to pkgbuild now. It does drop compatibility with anything older than Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard requires Xcode or later I believe for pkgbuild to be available. -Greg.


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