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Tron legacy the next day

The setting takes place directly after Tron: Legacy (), literally the day after. This leads to some very interesting ideas for the upcoming plot of the next Tron sequel. The story is narrated by an unknown figure called Zachattack who's been the head of a movement since Kevin Flynn's disappearance in (from what was. TRON: The Next Day is a minute short film, released on the Blu-ray edition of TRON: Legacy in April , that fills in the backstory between TRON and TRON: Legacy. It features scenes from the real-world Flynn Lives ARG as well as purely in-universe content. The short film also reveals the. 12 Mar Last year, before Tron Legacy was released, Disney shot some footage that didn't appear in the film, but will show up on the DVD release that hits in April. Some of that footage became Tron: The Next Day (Flynn Lives Revealed), which is on YouTube now. You can watch the ten-minute short after the break.

12 Mar We were tipped by @CoreyMPAnderson that the full minute secret "epilogue" to Tron Legacy that's supposed to be on the upcoming DVDs, out in about a month, was uploaded in high def on YouTube. The video is titled TRON: The Next Day - Flynn Lives Revealed and is sort of a viral continuation past. 13 Mar Tron: The Next Day (Flynn Lives Revealed) is a minute short that fills in the backstory between the first and second films. It recently appeared on YouTube and contains unused footage from Tron Legacy. 12 Mar TRON: LEGACY DVD Teaser TRON: THE NEXT DAY. Garrett Hedlund, Bruce Boxleitner, and Dan Shor feature. The Tron: Legacy DVD is available April 5.

Tron: Legacy took place 18 years after Tron, and even after minutes of runtime, we still had a lot of questions. For example, what's the shareholder structure of Encom if CEO Kevin Flynn disappears? Okay, that's not a question we ever had but the short film Tron: The Next Day has the answer—and much more.


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