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Uptime.exe for windows 2000

May 27, 3. Write the command "net statistics server" and press on "Enter" key. 4. The line that start with "Statistics since " provides the time that the server was up from. The command "net stats srv" can be use instead. Option 2: Tool Allows You to Estimate Server Availability with Windows NT SP4 or. Oct 13, Almost every unix operating system comes with a utility called uptime that tells you how long your server has been running. Unfortunitly no such tool comes with windows, but there is a pretty fool proof way to determine the date you computer was last started. Type the following in to the command prompt. I opened up a command prompt window on my computer and typed "uptime " and got: 'uptime' is not recognized as an i downloaded a small program called , strangely enough "" sits in your task tray, and u can have it somewhere on your desktop. It also can keep track if you hibernate your.

Sep 2, Did you ever want to know the uptime on your Windows NT Server, Windows Professional/Server? A tool called can display your system uptime. It works with local or remote systems. You can check out Microsoft Article Q, containing details about the program. You can download. Sep 13, How to check the windows box uptime, by using any command, or in event viewer?. Nov 15, Is there a command or plug-in to allow me to view uptime in Windows Server / Pro? My boss and I were talking about how long some of our 2K.

Utility: , This command-line tool analyzes a single server by processing the event log to determine reliability, availability, and current uptime. The target system can either be the local system or a remote system. Feb 22, There are two more utilities that I have found to be extremely useful in the day-to- day administration of Windows servers. is a very simple utility but provides a key piece of information that administrators want to know: “How long has my server been up and running?” Example: UPTIME \\. KB ID Dtd 09/01/ Problem. There are lots of reasons you might want to know your PC/Servers uptime, to make sure a client has rebooted a server (like you asked them to), or to see if a server has had a BSOD and rebooted overnight, etc. This article will provide info on,. Getting the Local Machines Uptime.


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