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Bootstrap tabs example

Tabs. Home; Menu 1; Menu 2; Menu 3. Tabs are created with tabs">: Tip: Also mark the current page with . The following example creates navigation tabs:  Dynamic Tabs - Tabs with dropdown menu - Inline list - Try it Yourself. JS Tab (). Tabs are used to separate content into different panes where each pane is viewable one at a time. For a tutorial about Tabs, read our Bootstrap Tabs/Pills Tutorial. The Tab Plugin Classes. Class, Description, nav-tabs, Creates navigation tabs, Try -justified, Makes navigation tabs/pills . Bootstrap tab panel example (using nav-pills) . 4. pills">. 6. tab">Overview. 8. tab">Using nav-pills.

pills nav-justified"> Active Longer nav link Link Disabled. Similar to -fill example using a -based navigation, be sure to include  Available styles - Working with flex utilities - Using dropdowns - JavaScript behavior. Sample bootstrap code of tabs design elements using bootstrap, javascript, css, and html. Bootstrap Line Tabs by - Bootstrap Snippet circular tabs - Sidebar with tabs. tab-pane" id="orange">. Orange. orange orange orange orange orange.. tab-pane" id="yellow">. Yellow. yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow.. tab-pane" id="green">. Green. green green green green green.

Excellent example! This is just what I needed for making a webpage with tabs to separate content. Be sure to change the bootstrap css/js links to the correct URLs if you are using CDN. (You can get the URLs here: ) . Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has provided a simple tutorial with example on how to use Bootstrap Tabs. You can activate a tab component without writing any JavaScript — simply specify the data-toggle="tab" on each tab, as well as create -pane with unique ID for every tab and wrap them -content. The following example will show you how to create a basic tabbable tabs via data attributes in Bootstrap.


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