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Welcome to the Spiffy Wii Theme Depository where you can find themes for the most popular USB Loaders and more. You can create and add your own themes to the site for others to download either through this website or through the software itself on your wii (if supported). Currently the website supports USB Loader. Aug 13, Post you Themes for Configurable USB Loader. Please stick to these rules: only thumbnail's - only size thumbnails as preview. Aug 2, Configurable USB Loader allows you to provide separate themes which you can switch between while running the Loader. This is performed via the Global Options Menu. A file for each theme is stored in sd:/usb-loader/themes/ theme-name/ containing options that describe the given theme.

Configurable USB loader for Wii. Play Wii games from USB. Mar 29, What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. change to another theme What is the expected output? What do you see instead? if the theme has an music file included and is referenced in the theme settings then change the background music to that file. What version of the product are you using? v70r Another way to customize the loader is by using Themes. A theme is defined by creating a config file in the location: sd:/usb-loader/themes/THEME_NAME/theme .txt. And the background images: sd:/usb-loader/themes/THEME_NAME/ sd:/usb-loader/themes/THEME_NAME/

Jan 15, SDHC- und USB-Unterstützung; GUI (Grid und Coverflow) und “Konsolen”- Modus; Lädt auch Gamecube-Spiele; Hintergrundmusik (lösche die “/usb-loader/ 3”, wenn du keine möchtest); Themes; Theme-Browser; Herunterladen von Cover und Spiele-Infos; Ocarina-Cheatcode-Support. A theme is defined by creating a config file in the location: sd:/usb-loader/themes/ THEME_NAME/ And the background images: sd:/usb-loader/themes/ THEME_NAME/ sd:/usb-loader/themes/THEME_NAME/ The options that can be used in are described below.


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