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Fedora insufficient space in directory

Your / mount is full. First, verify /tmp is empty. Second, empty the contents of /var/ cache/yum/base/packages. (Or consider just moving the contents while verifying the below procedure on your system.) Then try bind mounting space from /home to /var/cache/yum/base/packages thusly: mount --bind. I have the following results on my fedora # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/fedora-root 50G 46G G 98% / devtmpfs G 0 G 0% /dev tmpfs G K G 1% The first thing I would do then in that case would be to check the disk usage of the /var directory. Code. Upgrade test failed with the following problems: insufficient disk space: /boot needs 34M more free space fedup ERROR: Upgrade test failed. I had previously cleaned my /boot by removing old kernel packages. These are the contents of my /boot directory at the time of the upgrade: total dr-xr-xr-x.

I have a remote Linux Box which Centos x86 is installed. When I connect Linux and windows with xmanager - a kind of vnc - through ssh, I got this. windstory. Member. Registered: Nov Posts: Rep: Reputation: Not enough free disk space on /tmp And the "/tmp" directory is this. Quote. Yesterday, we could not access my SAMBA directories and today when I tried to create a new excel file in it, it return an error saying Insufficient disk space. using: Could you give some commands to find out the file that are consuming this space? Thanks, /dev/hda3 82 Linux swap. Question: Hi, I was using 'yum' command to install 'lshw' package on CentOS virtual machine. Unfortunately, the command failed with an error message as “ lshw-Bel6.x86_ Insufficient space in download directory /var/cache/ yum/x86_64/6/base/packages“. Below is the snapshot of the complete error.

Here is the superuser thread I made. Whenever I execute a command in yum, an error message appears in the terminal: Error: Insufficient space in download directory /var/cache/yum/fedora * free 0 * needed k. Please help. dv -h says that my root partition is full but I cannot download new software and I. 20 Jul It appears that I have: Insufficient space in download directory /var/cache/yum/ updates/packages. I looked through the forum and didn't see a solution, hopefully I didn't miss a Package util-linux.x86_64 el5 set to be updated > Package vim-minimal.x86_64 el5 set to be updated. 6 Nov ror: Insufficient space in download directory /tmp/ devel-x86_64 was not logged anywhere that I could find in /tmp although there was still some space there. Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable): Comment 1 Orion Poplawski


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