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Recent Wiki Activity. Ward skins · Tialilia • 11 minutes ago. Summoner icon/ Removed · Tialilia • 24 minutes ago. Ahri/Trivia · • 46 minutes ago. Ground-targeted · LWChris • 2 hours ago. Help us grow League of Legends Wiki! Get Started. 22 Nov Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge may be a pirate at heart but he seems versatile, or inebriated, enough to take other roles quite well; anything to rebuild his kingdom of fear. When you want to gobble oranges with style you can rely on Gangplank's finely pillaged wardrobe to suit your needs. To guide you. 3D Animated Models for Special Forces Gangp for League of Legends. Users can select a champion, a skin and animation for their favorite champions to show in 3D.

Gangplank skins for League of Legends: Ingame pictures, splash art, skin spotlight, PBE changes, Lore, changes. Here's a complete list of all the skins released for Gangplank, including reviews, images and a search function to buy rare skins. Gangplank skins for League of Legends. View, rate and save skins for Gangplank and other LoL champions.

Spooky GP can be a pain for some colourblind players because of the barrels so thats probably the only skin with a small advantage. Dreadnova, although it looks badass the sounds were a letdown for me, firing some badass laser weapon and all you get is a little 'pew':(Captain GP is most aesthetically.


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