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Postcast smtp server

Download PostCast Server - Free, multi-threaded outgoing SMTP e-mail server for Windows. PostCast Server is an SMTP mail server program that completely replaces your ISP's SMTP server. By making one small change in your e-mail program, you can . Download PostCast Server. PostCast Server does not contain any form of viruses, spyware, trojans and backdoors . This software product was tested thoroughly.

SMTP Gateways. Table of Contents. This option allows you to specify one or more backup SMTP servers. If PostCast Server is unable to deliver a message. Testing the mail sending process from the server. Table of Contents. If you want the program to send your messages automatically after receiving them from the. How to Connect to PostCast Server. Table of Contents. To be able to send messages, every e-mail program must have the SMTP server value entered. Thus, for.

System. Table of Contents. Host Name; Server Port; DNS server address; DNS port; Detect when default DNS addresses change; Use DNS caching to speed up. This tool turns your computer into an outgoing mail server and can be used on your Local Area Network. You can configure the program to send messages. PostCast Server sends e-mail messages directly from your computer. It can be used instead of your current ISP s mail server and on your Local Area Network (LAN). When you install it, it turns your computer into an outgoing mail server.


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