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The consignment store is a lot assignment introduced in The Sims 3: Ambitions. Sims are able to sell things like fruit, fish, inventions, paintings, and sculptures to the shop and put them on display for other Sims to buy. Sims can build a reputation at the store, making sales more profitable. A guide to the Consignment Shop in The Sims 3 Ambitions. Explains the store, how to make money, avoiding bugs, good traits, rewards, and skills that can earn profit. I'm building a consignment shop. It won't be owned by a controlled sim, just a plain community lot. Do I stock it when I build it? Or does that all happen automatically when it's placed and opened? I'm aware of the issues keeping it staffed and operating and I have Register etc installed for that. I just don't.

Hey there! I have over items in the consignment store (sculptures and produce) yet they won't sell. 15 May - 25 min - Uploaded by Lonnie Plays Welcome to my Let's Play of The Sims 3 Ambitions. If you enjoyed the video please leave a. 4 Mar - 31 min - Uploaded by simsweetie Today's Blog Post: will be up later! ♢ Links ↓ ♢ Website: ♢ Twitter: https://twitter.

Zorlac 7 years ago#3. When i do this both lists are empty, and i can't put anything up for consignment. Am i doing something. wrong here? Where do my items have to be? my inventory? At home? Any help is appreciated. And The Vampire was all that remained on the blood drowned creation. Sims can build a reputation at the store, making sales more profitable. If a Sim's reputation is high, more Sims will buy his or her stuff. The store sells items every day at 5 PM / Similar to collections, the consignment store is in a Sim's skill journal and comes with its own unique challenges to achieve. Hey guys, I created a wolrd from scratch and I'm in the last stages of completion but one of the problems I've run into is the consignment store. It just won't open for business. I have a married couple who own the business, I have their inventions on display but when I select the register it gives me a.


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