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Will 3ds while closed

In my experience you can, but it's more prone to having problems and interrupting the download. I've tried twice and both times the download actually made progress while closed, but then it got interrupted somehow. Official King of PotD. You only need one T-Rex to make the point, though. ~ Samus Sedai. User Info: noutBr. noutBr 4 years ago#4. If you choose "Download Later" it will only download when you close your 3DS and you can even exit the eShop. m e g a m a n f o r e v e r. Considering people have said it transfers at about MB/second, you're much better off only doing the minimum transfer to move the license info + system data over and then move the game data via a PC yourself, if you can. I don't think you can close the system during a transfer but I never was brave.

24 Feb For one thing, downloading games in sleep mode is a little easier on your Nintendo 3DS's battery. For another, you can queue up several games to download, then you can close your 3DS and make a sandwich. Whenever you want to check on the status of your queued downloads, simply open your 3DS. What to Do: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, and New Nintendo 2DS XL. Closing the system while it is turned on will put the system into Sleep Mode. Sleep Mode will reduce power consumption while still using features such as StreetPass and SpotPass. Depending on the. 28 Jan I know that on the DSi, music in Nintendo DSi Sound can't play while it's closed, but I'm not sure this applies to Nintendo 3DS. Does anyone tried to play music in Nintendo 3DS Sound while the 3DS is closed? The closed 3DS in a pocket would be nice when listening to music instead of the opened one.

That's not really why people are concerned the concern comes from when you' re somewhere and can't charge your 3DS for the ~3 hours it needs you know, what with it being a portable I know I like to just be able to leave my DS closed and forget about it for a day only to be surprised that it's still alive the next day. Does it make any difference to put the 3ds in sleep mode when a game is running? not the game code. this will mean that it will cut off any unnecessary connection to save power. this is proven in the pokemon games, if you close your 3ds it will go into sleep mode and disconnect you from the internet. 18 Jun However there are certain times when sleep mode doesn't enable such as. Certain Emulated Games (all GBA games and some others will do this); Playing a DS game; Being online in certain 3DS games. Rule of thumb: If you can't suspend the game to the main menu with the home buton, closing it won't.


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