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6 Apr Adds an additional building phase to the stronghold which increases it in size to the council homes in Under Skar; the quest to begin the additional building can only be started after achieving the rank of House Father. Indarys Unleashed. Requires: Author: HelioS; Downloads: PES; Description: Adds NPCs. 2 Aug A tasteful expansion of Indarys Manor and Bal Isra, for players who find the vanilla manor underwhelming and the available mods overkill. The manor exterior is rearranged, with the manor house moved to the top of the hill and a second tower (with interior) added. Gilyne Omoren: Smith is given his own. 1 Aug Anything that does not involve construction can be done at the same time. Indarys Manor is larger, whether you expand further or not. It expands with each of the three vanilla game Stronghold stages. Possible expansions include: *Walls and Guard Towers (initial expansion) *Indarys Tavern *Blacksmith.

Fully compatible with Redoran stronghold expansion modules, including at least Indarys Unleashed, SOM Indarys Expanded, AKR Indarys Greathouse, and Centurions Stronghold Extension. Also links well with Twin Lamp modules like Nevana's and Brother Junipers (there is a possible Twin Lamps quest). 17 NPCs, each. 10 Dec Mmm, I've decided to try some of the stronghold mods. Specifically, Indarys Unleashed, Ulvith Unleashed and Rethan Expansion. Does anyone know if IU and RE are compatible? The readme for IU indicates it is UU compatible and compatible with other stronghold enhancing mods. I usually join either. Tel Uvirith seems to get most of the love but there is Indarys Unleashed and Grandmaster of Hlaalu for the other two. GoH is actually quite good. permalink; embed; save; give gold. [–]Exovian[S] 0 points1 point2 points 6 years ago (0 children). Thanks! GoH is certainly on my list now, I'll see about Indarys.

Indarys Manor is a settlement in the Ashlands under the protection of House Redoran. Sub-locations Berendas' House, Raram's House, Manor Services. 5 Apr Indarys Unleashed, All 3, Tribunal, KB. New Rethan Manor, Hlaalu, none, KB. Princess Factor's Estate, East Empire Company, both, MB. Redoran Stronghold Extension, Redoran, none, KB. Rethan Expansion, Hlaalu, Tribunal, MB. Tenaka's Stronghold Vaults, All 3, Tribunal, KB.


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